Toasted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay so at dinner tonight I sat with a couple of girls from my dorm, I haven’t sat with them since some time last week. So I’ve decided to just drink water with my meals, but I still need to get my two glasses of milk everyday, so I’ve decided to drink that with my dessert.
So we all sit at the table and one of the other girls asked me if I have ever toasted cookies before. I hear this and I’m thinking of a comparison of what I think the cookie would look like coming out of a toaster and what toast look like coming out of a toaster. So I’m like “no”. That is when I am informed that it makes the cookie moist and gooey. Now I am sold. “Let’s do it.”
Just picture four girls huddled around a toaster waiting for their cookies to come out. Not bread, but cookies. They are really yummy I recommend you try this at home.

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