I am so excited right now! I recently joined the newspaper and I was given a story on the first day. I immediately set off on my quest to catch the story. I wasn’t hard because I participated in the story. So I knew all there was to know, I just needed certain elements. It amazed me that my fellow staff members knew nothing about this story or the fact that it even happened. I soon received everything that I needed and even put in a quote from a fellow student. An hour before my deadline I’m typing it up and I try to a picture in. Only the picture that I need is on Twitter and I can’t get it off. (I don’t use Twitter by the way.) So I finish typing up the story and I send it to my editor. I also send him a message explaining how I can’t get the pictures that I need for the article.
Later on in the night I get a message from the Editor-in Chief asking me what pictures I am trying to get. I send her the link but I don’t get an update. I go to bed around eleven and get a text message around eleven thirty telling me that I need to send my article. What? I already sent the article in- I responded and put a specific time.
It wasn’t until the next day, after having a night terror of receiving a text message telling me that I wasn’t on the paper anymore, that I check my e-mails and see that my editor was not able to open the file of my article because it wasn’t Microsoft Word. I also have a Facebook message from the Editor-in Chief asking me to send the article through Facebook. I start to panic a little and quickly reply to both messages with the article and apologizing for not receiving the messages when they were sent.
But today is Friday (It’s not tomorrow until I go to sleep.) and I just saw the newspaper. I MADE THE FRONT PAGE! Of course it’s no biggie considering the paper only has four pages but I made the front page. And it’s the first story to read. I might sound vain but hey, my words are now published in a real newspaper.

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