So there is this new Disney movie that I have noticed is really winning the hearts of teenagers. I guess because we are all 90’s kids we just can’t let go of Disney. Now Tangle has become a favorite to all of us. I think the reason why it attracts the teenagers so much is that it is clearly shown in the film the Rapunzel is in fact a teenager. It is hard to tell the age of the other Disney princesses. Aurora was sixteen and I’m sorry but she did not act like a sixteen year old. She acted more like a twenty year old. It is hard to tell the age of the other Disney princesses but anyways, I’m getting off topic here.
What I loved about this movie is that it is in fact different from the other movies. Not just the animation either. It is about time they made a Rapunzel movie. Just that it took Rapunzel and Flynn a few days before they realized their feelings for one another and not just from first glance either. Rapunzel changed who Flynn was. He, in a way, started off being a villain and she changed him.
The movie also adds to the story line of why Rapunzel was locked away in a tower and why this witch was continuously visiting her. Gothel put up a good front as a mother. She could of turned Rapunzel into her slave but instead she raised her as her own. She most certainly knew how to play her cards right with men to get what she wants.
The best scene of the entire movie, which even gets to the guys, is when Flynn died. Just everything that happened in the follow up scenes and the after math that made it sooo good. Rapunzel thinks he betrayed her, but we know the truth. Then he is riding after her and we’re hoping he gets there before the witch takes her away. Then when he does get there, we see the cascade of her hair fall from the window; so it gives us hope. Only to be awe struck to see her tied up and even more when he gets stabbed. So then we’re thinking well this is how it has to end if Flynn survives. Rapunzel will heal him but they will never see each other again. IT’S THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY FOR EVERYONE TO WIN.
The most epic scene is when Flynn goes in for their last kiss and SHANK! He cuts the hair and the witch dies! YAY! But wait, that’s right. Flynn is still dying and so he passes on. Us audience, we’re just like, “It can’t end this way.” A tear falls from our eyes as it does so from Rapunzel and WA LA ! FLYNN He’s alive. He’s alive. HE’S ALIVE! So everyone does end up winning. Well except for Gothel and partially Charlie Sheen.

Guys note this, this scene from the movies is the best date for a girlfriend.
Guys note this, this scene from the movies is the best date for a girlfriend.

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