Caleb/ Rafe/ Alison

Okay so last week we saw the entrance of Alison and Rafe on General Hospital. His name is actually Rafe Jr. but he is not the son of Rafe Coe. He is in fact the son of Caleb Morley. We see these two new characters that are the only other witnesses to Lucy’s stories about vampires and John McBain being Caleb. During Friday’s episode Alison goes to the police station while Rafe meets Molly and has lunch with her. Alison returns to the pier but calls John McBain to meet her so that she can kill him, thinking that he is Caleb. By this point Rafe has left Kelly’s to return to the pier. The episode ends with Rafe leaning over his mom’s dead body with a weapon, that Alison was going to use to stab John McBain with, now in his hand covered with blood.

Give me a piece of your mind

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