General Hospital

Yes I am a fan of General Hospital and I like how things are going. Michael now plays two characters. His old character of Caleb Morley and his current character of John McBain. Ever since One Life to Live ended and John arrived in Port Charles it was only a matter of time that the Soap Opera past of Port Charles would surface. Those vampire jokes really hinted at that. The only thing I am not looking forward to is a possible relationship between Sam and John. Being a One Life to Live fan I am all for John and Natalie. They have been through so much already and she is the mother of his child. So please, Sam, stop talking about you and John are possible past lovers in another life. That’s another thing. Sam just “lost” her husband (because given a soap opera and the fact that no body has been found, he could still come back.) and already she is starting to put her sights on other guys. I did read some where that Melissa Archer could be making an appearance on the show so that gives me hope.
Now on to the subject of Patrick. I love that he finally has seen Britt’s true colors. First over hearing a conversation she is having with Sabrina and then seeing Britt lash out at Sabrina. I don’t want Patrick to be with anyone because of the fact that Robin is still alive and the audience knows this. So when does she get to return? However if she is to be replaced in Patrick’s life, I am glad that it is Sabrina to take her place. Britt is just not the right person after she meddles her way into everything. Then she bullies others and doesn’t admit to her own fault. Also I think that if Robin makes her return then Sabrina would warmly give up her place besides Patrick but who knows. We will just have to wait and see.

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