Caleb/ Rafe/ Alison

Ok so my last post, I informed you about these three characters from General Hospital. Well at the end of that episode with Rafe sitting over his mother’s dead body, John McBain walks up to Rafe and assumes that Rafe killed his mom.
Well this week it is shown that Rafe had nothing to do with the death of his mother. Rafe recalls what he saw when his mother was killed. Caleb has now made his appearance on General Hospital! And today’s episode was a special treat for me.
Although it is bad news but I love Caleb’s concern for his son. Today he went to Rafe’s jail cell posing as John McBain. (They characters are played by the same actor.) He takes Rafe back to the pier where he killed Alison. There is another cop with them but Caleb kills him by re-enacting Alison’s death. That is when Caleb reveals who he is to Rafe. He assures him that Rafe has nothing to fear with him because he would never hurt him. Now I know that Caleb is pure evil given that he is a vampire, but I love the concern he has for Rafe.
Caleb taking Rafe from jail is all caught on tape. So you know what that means. Bad times for John McBain. Maybe now they will believe Lucy. CAN’T WAIT FOR MONDAY!

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