Worst Day at School

Okay so my morning started off good. I woke up at seven. I snoozed for thirty minutes and then took a shower. Went to breakfast and on my way out I grabbed a news paper to see how my article looks. Sat down in class only to find that they didn’t publish my story. Instead they printed someone else story. One that didn’t even have a name and was stated as Communications. Now I worked hard on that article. I know they couldn’t take it when I first turned it in because it wasn’t in the right format. So I revised it and felt pretty good about myself. I wrote about something I had no knowledge of. It was also at the last minute. But I guess it just wasn’t good enough. The article that they did use had more knowledge of the subject and history but I don’t think they had enough news. They also stated things that the main source did not inform me of. There are three people that will know that the article that was printed was not written by me. Those people are me, my editor, and the main source who happens to be the President of the school.
To top that disappointment off, my laptop won’t start. I’m in debt and don’t know how to pay it off. I also have homework piling up so yeah not one of my best days.

Give me a piece of your mind

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