Bowling on Valentines Day

The plan for tonight was that I was going to hang out with a couple of friends and we were going to watch Valentines Day. I don’t know why but the plans got changed. So then we decided we were going to go to the theater and watch some movie about a zombie falling in love with a non-dead-girl. At dinner I asked when we were going to leave and they inform me that the show was cancelled. Then they invited me to go bowling with them and I’m like of course. I haven’t been bowling for a couple of months, that was the only thing keeping me home was that I could bowl. (However I ended up not bowling this year back home. That is another story.) So on our way there I asked if any of my friends knew how to bowl and they all said no. I’m like oh okay. I’m the first to bowl and I do bad by getting a gutter. Mind you I did not have my bowling shoes or bowling ball. So I was not doing as good as I should have. My second frame I get a spare I think if memory serves me right. That’s when I turned to get off the lane and my friend is like “Are you a bowler.” Well the cat is out of the bag. “Yes.” “Cheater,” says one of the guys. It was fun and we were cosmic bowling. I can’t get the song Get Low out of my head. There was one frame that I got up to bowl. I heard one of the girls say something about me getting a strike. I bowl and STRIKE! I turn and say “Thank you” as I bow with my hand out towards the girl I heard. As I walk off the lanes my friends are clapping and once I get in front of them they bow three times. It was all fun and games. I had a blast and can’t wait to bowl again, I really do miss it.

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