Cupid this is your doing

Okay so there is this guy who has caught my friend’s eye and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She just started talking to him so she doesn’t really know him that much and he doesn’t really know her either. She often finds him staring at her while they eat together but she thinks he is just looking past her. I say she should just start by being friends with him. She should learn more about him then decide if he is the one for her. Now her bigger issue is that she is already in a relationship but she sees it going south. There are times where she wants to break up with her boyfriend but she just doesn’t know how. Now I was in this situation once. Had a boyfriend and this guy I had a crush on started telling me that he felt the same way about me. Did I dump my boyfriend, no I stayed with him because why ruin something good when you have no clue that there is something solid elsewhere. So my piece of advice for my friend was that she should just stay with her boyfriend and become friends with this other guy. If there is something solid with this other guy then she should have no problem breaking it off with her boyfriend. I say that because if she really wants to be with this new guy then she shouldn’t care how her boyfriend or soon to be ex will react. I blame this on Cupid for confusing my friend especially on a day like this.

Give me a piece of your mind

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