The Labyrinth

This is my favorite scene from the movie.

I’ve watched the movie twice this week so it is in my system and I have to make a post on it. My favorite movie of all time is The Labyrinth. I watched it a few times when I was a kid but then for the longest I didn’t and I would get these flashbacks of some of the scenes. Like when Ludo falls through the trap and when Jareth is singing Dance Magic Dance as he throws Toby in the air and catches him. I actually remember saying how I was going to do that to my baby when I have one. Then my brother would tell me, no that could kill him. They there were a few times that I would see the movie at stores. I met my friend Kelly and she owned the movie so I had to watch it because after so long of not seeing it, there it was. Magickal! I now own the movie and it never gets old. The ballroom scene hallucinates me all the time. I sit there and wonder if only it was me that was dancing with the Goblin King. I recently posted on Facebook how I wished I could take a bite out of Jareth’s peach and forget everything for a little bit. The movie is great and I wish Jim Henson wasn’t dead, that way a sequel could be made. The only down side is that David Bowie can never look that great now. Don’t get me wrong he is in perfect health. It just wouldn’t be the same.


    1. Yes in fact if you watch the movie very closely you can note the other fairy tale like factors of the movie. When Sarah bites into the peach, Snow White. When she falls through the trap door, Alice in Wonderland. The ballroom scene can be accounted as a reference to Cinderella. Also as you said, she makes a journey and along the way she makes three friends. So you are in the right frame of mind.

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