Pride and Prejudice

Over the weekend I watched Pride and Prejudice, starring Kiera Knightly, for the first time in my life. I remember watching the Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney in middle school, in the episode that Maddie finds out London has a book club. In the episode London is reading the book Pride and Prejudice. It made me wonder, is this a real book? I asked my mom and she said it is but she had never read it nor did she ever plan on reading it. Well when I got to college I notice that a couple of students were mentioning the movie including my room mate who owns it. So this past weekend I decide what the heck, let’s watch this and see what all of the fuss is about. As I did last semester when I watched Gone With the Wind. (Like seriously, what movie beats the Wizard of Oz in that day of age for cinema?) I can see why people love the movie so much. It is not a favorite of mine but I’m not going to neglect the greatness of it. It’s not a favorite because I don’t see how a man can fall in love with someone who he barely knows and has only seen three times. I understand that at the time it completely made sense. I just live in a different time. Now that given said I plan on reading the book. In fact I had just ordered my own copy off of and expect that it will be here tomorrow or Thursday. I’m sure the book will provide for me, more details that lead Mr. Darcy to make such a proposal to Elizabeth. That one scene where she is standing against the pillar in the rain is my favorite. I think the next book to read is Jane Ayr, I totally just spelled that wrong.


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