Always keep your things in hand when sitting with the guys

It is known that the group I eat my meals with will take each other’s cell phones or wallets and hide them while the other isn’t looking. Yesterday I sat at one of our tables and I just so happen to be the only girl sitting there because the other girls didn’t get to dinner until later. We were having a nice conversation about music. Or at least they were having a nice conversation about music because I didn’t know any of the bands they were naming. I got up from the table and walked over to the other table that the girls were sitting at to ask if they wanted to watch Rock of Ages tonight. They weren’t really interested in watching the movie. I sat back down at the table and Zac stood to leave. “Bridgit you might want to get a napkin before you leave.” I start to think that there is something on my face. I reach for a napkin out of the napkin dispenser. Only when I start to pull it out, it gets stuck. I’m like what the heck is going? I pull for it again and get the same effect. I then see that they put my wallet in the napkin dispenser. I reach into the dispenser to pull it out, “Wow Bridgit. Why do you put your wallet in the napkin dispenser?” I start to giggle and struggle getting my wallet out. Finally Zac helps me and it was ironic because he simply just lifted the lid and handed me the wallet. So moral of the story is, don’t leave your things unattended.

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