Best Dream Ever!

I wish that Jim Henson had made a sequel to the Labyrinth. I have seen a number of creative fan made trailers to the Labyrinth for a sequel. I find that they make me wish for a sequel more and more. It is obvious that a sequel is out of the question considering that Jim Henson is dead, may he rest in peace. The purpose of me writing this post is because last night I had a dream about a sequel to the Labyrinth. It was the best dream I have ever had. I don’t remember the details because of the filter process that we go through when we sleep. That is a good thing that happens because then our dreams would seem like they are reality. What I do remember is that Sarah was either getting away or trying to accomplish something for Jareth. Jareth was not the goblin king, so that was probably it. Sarah might have been helping him regain his throne. At one point Sarah looks into the crystals that Jareth has and realizes his feelings for her, which she was completely oblivious to in the movie. After looking through the crystal, Sarah admits the feelings she has for Jareth. I’m not sure if they accomplished their mission because I woke up before that part was clarified. The best part was that I got to see, even though it wasn’t real, Jareth and Sarah hug because their feelings for each other are finally out on the table and they continued on as a couple.

Fan Art not done by me.
Fan Art not done by me.

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