Although I may be mocked for this but a show that I really like is Degrassi, formerly known as Degrassi: The Next Generation. I started watching Degrassi when I was in middle school. My favorite character was Manny and my favorite couple was Manny and Craig. At this point I didn’t watch a lot of Degrassi, so I wasn’t really following along with the series. I would watch an episode and it would be about Terry being in a coma. Then I would watch another episode and it would be about everyone finding out that Marco is gay. At the time I just did not watch them in order.

The summer before my junior year of high school they did an all Degrassi marathon all week long. Leading up to the Boiling Point. For those of you who are fans will know what I’m talking about. So this gave me the opportunity to catch up on everything that has happened in the Degrassi Universe. As I was watching a few episodes I was shocked to hear how much of Degrassi trivia my mother knew. That’s when I decided “okay if my mom knows all of this then I should know this.” Not only did I watch the marathon but I also did research on the Degrassi Wiki page.

At first I didn’t want to watch the Boiling Point season because no one from the original or start off characters were on the show anymore. The only veteran left is Simpson. Everyone else grew up and went off to college but I guess that is what Degrassi is really about as a show. Showing the viewers different incidents that can happen to teenagers and real life. What I am trying to say is that the show is just about Emma, Manny, Paige, Craig, etc… It’s about what can happen in real life. I didn’t think Degrassi could be the same with everyone gone but I watched what happened between Jenna and Kacey and I was sold. I was even more sold when I saw Clare and Eli’s relationship. They are now my favorite Degrassi couple, Eclare. I have been keeping track with the show ever since.

The original cast of The Next Generation.



What I really like about Degrassi is that it is for teenagers, even pre-teens. Also, Degrassi isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to present everyday incidents, whether they be good or bad, to such a young audience. I think Degrassi is a great show for teenagers to watch so that they can learn to not make certain mistakes and they can find ways to deal with issues in their lives. Degrassi has portrayed rape victims, deaths, teen pregnancy, LGBT, and marriage in some cases. There was even an episode that involved an HIV positive person. So you can never really predict what is to come on Degrassi. It has been done before but it never ends the way we think it will.

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