The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Last night I threw toast (although it wasn’t toasted), I threw rice! I stole toilet paper from the movie theater bathroom for Dr. Scott’s GRAND entrance. I even wore a newspaper over my head through the velvet darkness and I danced to the Time Warp. I have fulfilled the Rocky Horror experience and have become a Rocky Horror Slut.

For those who are familiar with the show you know the Rocky Horror lingo. If not allow me to inform you so that you know why I just called myself a slut. People who have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show are Virgins. Those who have only watched the movie on DVD but have never gone to the theater and seen it are Masterbators. Now if you have gone to the theater and seen Rocky Horror more than once then you are a Slut. Before last night I was considered a masterbator in the Rocky Horror fan universe. I had such a blast and have been wanting to see the movie in theaters ever since I found out what the audience do.

Now for those who don’t know, when you watch the movie at the theater the audience will interact with it. People get up and dance to the Time Warp and in some theaters they will even get up and act out a few scenes while the movie is playing. Last night there was a guy that acted out to “Sweet Transvestite”. Yeah, people dress like the characters too. I always wanted to go and dress like Columbia. This is something I am for sure going to do the next time I go to the theater. I believe the best part of being in the audience is the script that the audience speaks during the movie and the things they throw. How awesome is it to be able to yell during a movie and it be perfectly okay to trash the place? May I emphasize that you’re able to throw things that hit other people.

Don’t know what the movie is about? Well I’m not going to tell you so go rent it and watch it. It is an experience I think everyone should have a little piece of. I have fulfilled mine although I haven’t seen the play version but I think that is stretching the limit a bit because it can never be redone like the original. No, I have not seen the Rocky Horror Glee Show, and I don’t plan to.

Among all the fun I had listening to audience’s lines and throwing things, I did have an embarrassing moment. When Brad and Janet are shown to their rooms I decided to go the bathroom to get toilet paper because that was one prop me and my friend did not bring with us. We were sitting in the center row and to the right the row is filled. To our left there is only two people sitting on the end. There is no one sitting in half of the back row so I decided that I didn’t want to bother the couple on the so I climbed over the seat. Well I didn’t think it through and after I put one leg over the back of the seat my other leg got stuck in the seat. As I struggled to get free I can hear my friend laughing at me. “No one saw that. No one saw that. Watch the movie.” When I return I contemplated going back over the seat but decided differently. Then I get informed that everyone in the back row was also laughing at me. Greeeeat. Oh well I came to this movie to have a good laugh anyway.


  1. I am very happy that you have experienced the true Rocky Horror Experience. I just wish you could have gone to the movie theatre first. Either way I know you had a great time and will have a better time when you go back again. Welcome to the club. From one Rocky Horror Slut to another.

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