Sam McCall and John McBain

John and Sam
John and Sam

Okay I am really becoming un happy with General Hospital. Mostly because of what they have done to John McBain. Being a One Life to Live fan I am all for John and Natalie, (which I probably have already stated.) When One Life to Live ended I was upset because you don’t get a good outlook of what is to come of John and Natalie. So you could just imagine the happiness I felt when I saw John on General Hospital. Only as of late I have become greatly upset. General Hospital made John and Natalie break up and start to have feelings for Sam. This is just to mirror the actors portrayals in Port Charles. At least that is what I think. Then Jason is shot and his body is never found. Completely opens the door for John and Sam to have a relationship. Then I see them kissing and talk about feelings they have for each other and the relationship that is possible. Only for some reason they can’t have it. It makes me mad that John ended his relationship to Natalie and he doesn’t even call to check up on his son. I do give him props for trying to adopt Rafe but just go home to Lanview. Go home to Natalie and your son John. Although nothing is for sure for Michael Easton returning to One Life to Live but I have hope.

John and Natalie
John and Natalie

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