My Latest With Eclare

I can not believe what I have seen recently on Degrassi. Things were perfect for the two of them. Eli crossed the line by reading Clair’s diary and then getting upset over what she wrote about her ex. At first Clair is upset but then she lets it go. I guess that was wise specially when she specified exactly what she wrote. Me on the other hand: I would have gotten mad at first. Yes I would eventually get over it but those things were written in a diary for a reason.
As soon as they make plans to go the extra distance with their relationship, Cam occurs. We see Eli struggling with what he saw and stressing about how to deal with it. Clair is over stepping her role because she wants to keep Eli safe. Only it turns out that Clair is the problem and not Cam. This is announced out of nowhere! Eli dumps Clair! For the first time, the guy has said “it’s not me, its you.” Even if Eli said “It’s not Cam, it’s you.” It is still used in the same context. Out of nowhere! They breakup! Everything was going so good! And this is probably Eli’s last season on the show. So not liking this right now.


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