Wizard Con

I am so upset with myself! I missed the biggest event of my life because of a bridal shower! Congrats to my uncle but this would have been so awesome to go to. In Saint Louis, Missouri there was this comic con and special guest made an appearance.

So I visit my former college one day for the game club. It’s been two months and I have been wanting to do nothing but play Settlers of Catan. I walk into the library and find the game club advisor, Justin, sitting at a table and looking through a news magazine. We talk for a little bit about the school I am currently attending and he asks me if I am going to comic con. I giggle a little and mention, “You know Mae goes to those all the time.” He announces that he will be going so that he can see people. I look down at the magazine and notice the cover and who is on it.

There was Stan Lee, Dean Cain, Billy Dee Williams, and Lou Ferrigno. “Wait are they going to be there?” Turns out they will and I’m like wow that’s cool. Half hour later a friend of mine walks over and notices the magazine. “I heard Jason Franks, the original green Power Ranger is going to be there.” I’m like hold up, do you mean Tommy the Power Ranger? We open the magazine and there’s his face. NOOOOOOOO! NOW I WANT TO GO SO BAD!

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