Xena Warrior Princess

xenaOh the joy of having Netflix. I haven’t seen the show Xena in years! My family use to watch it at dinner time. Hercules would be on and then Xena comes on after it. Those were the good old days. Now being so young and watching the show, you don’t know what is really being said among the characters. Definetly filling my time up with watching Xena and then Hercules.

I have been watching Xena on Netflix during my spring break. I love how the show portrays all different religions. It shows that there are other gods out there besides the Greek Gods they just rule over different regions. I didn’t like the way the show took a turn when Xena traveled to Asia. It just seemed to take away from the purpose of making the series. I give them props for incorporating other religions, especially Catholicism, but don’t strain away from the base.

My family and I would always watch the show when it aired on tv. I don’t remember the channel because I was fairly young but I remember the time. We would be sitting there at the dinner table, eating our supper and watching Hercules. As soon as that went off we would watch Xena. Then the best thing ever happened: Hercules and Xena Battle of Mount Olympus! I enjoyed the movie so much and love that the voice actors are the same as those who act on the show. Although I’m not so sure about Zeus.

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