Wide Awake

I am not the only, hopefully, when I say that this new video of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake holds several references to the Labyrinth. To all my Labyrinth fans out there let’s point out the obvious. For starters there is the Labyrinth in which Katy Perry is walking through. But let’s start from the beginning of the video. Katy Perry is looking through her mirror and then appears in the labyrinth. Similar to Sarah being in her parent’s room and then appearing in the under ground after stepping through the french doors.

Take note that Katy Perry is wearing blue as she travels through the labyrinth and her hair is blue or purple in some light. Jareth wore blue and had blue in his hair during the ballroom scene. As Katy wanders through the Labyrinth she finds a single strawberry. She picks it up, bites into it and has a hallucination. How ironic that the very same thing happened to Sarah after biting the peach. Katy’s clothes even change from a blue dress to one that is complete opposite of what she was wearing.

Along the way Katy find she finds this little girl. It seems as if she had been looking for this little girl since she doesn’t leave her behind when confronted by odd creatures. Sarah’s purpose of being in the underground was to find her baby brother. In the end the two walk into a garden maze, which can be seen in Labyrinth, and there they find this prince. Katy walks up to him and we see his fingers crossed behind his back. Jareth his known throughout the movie for always having a trick up his sleeve. With a smile on her face, she proudly punches him. Take note that this occurs in the center of the Labyrinth. In original script Sarah did punch the Goblin King. Although I doubt that is something that Katy knew. She probably did that to show how a woman would handle the situation. Afterwards she returns to reality and all is done. Do you agree on how similar the two are, leave a common?


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