Baby Daddy


So there is this new show on ABC Family that a large number of people have seen. It’s called Baby Daddy and it is about this guy who gets a girl pregnant and she drops the baby off on his doorstep. He was going to sign away his parental rights and give his daughter up for adoption until he spent a night of taking care of Emma and had a change of heart. Baby Daddy is a really good show and it is great for the demographic of the men out there that actually try to be a part of their children’s lives.

Over the course of season one you learn about the main characters and the sort of love triangle among Ben, Riley, and Danny. Pretty much Riley likes Ben, but Danny, who is Ben’s brother, likes Riley. Now there may be a large number of viewers out there who want Riley to be with Ben but this viewer says nay to that. I actually want Danny to be with Riley. He’s had these deep feelings for her all this time where as Ben has been completely oblivious to the concept of there being a possibility that he could be with her. Also, Riley didn’t always have the body shape that she has now and Danny has always had these feelings for her. So that just proves that his feelings are actually genuine. Although I have to say for being such a jock you would think that he would have spoken up about his feelings already. The one episode that he does come out and tell her, she thinks is all an act. I hope more happens in season two.

Emma is such an adorable baby!  The first two episodes will have you close to tears with how much Ben bonds with Emma. The moment when he thinks Emma is gone, PRICELESS. Like all shows this one has its serious moments and its hilarious moments. Pretty much all Tucker and Danny scenes are hilarious. I want this show to stay and not be canceled like 10 Things I Hate About You and if you want it to stick around then stay tune and watch Baby Daddy on ABC Family!JEAN-LUC BILODEAU, TWINS ALI AND SUSANNE HARTMAN

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