Shakespeare in the Park

This year Shakespeare in the Park put on a performance of A Twelfth Night. It is my favorite Shakespeare comedy and I loved the performance. I was lucky enough to arrive early and get a seat right in front of stage. The good thing about sitting here is that you actually can see the actor’s facial expressions and not just a blur from a distance or have to picture the faces that you think the actors are making. I sat in the free seats at the Muny once for Hairspray, good thing I’ve seen both movies so it was very easy to think of the faces the actors were making.

This particular performance of the play was actually better than the movie starring Helena Bome… the chick who is with Tim Burton. She isn’t that hard to figure out, she’s in almost all of his new movies. I liked the actress who portrayed Viola in this production more than the movie. She really played her feelings off great. And Orsino was truly acceptable. I picture Orsino to be tall, dark, and handsome; which this Orsino was. My favorite scene is the one that Orsino and Cesario kiss. It was different than the way the movie shown it but better. In this play we actually see why Sir Andrew wanted to fight Cesario because in the movie it just came out of no where. That moment when Sebastian appears on stage in front of everyone and Cesario, priceless.

Now those of you who have never read the play or seen the film, it’s simple. It’s a case of she loves him but he loves this girl who loves she because this girl think’s she is a he. If that sounds confusing then don’t think too hard on it. Let’s just say that having a twin works out for everyone. Well, except for Malvolio. There is a modernized version of the film called She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. I haven’t seen that film so I can’t say how exact it is to the play.

If you live in Saint Louis then I suggest that you go to Forest Park for Shakespeare in the park. This ends June 22 and you know what the best part about it, IT’S FREE. I got this perfect seat for free! IMG_20130524_195732 At one point Malvolio threw a ring that Olivia wanted him to give to Cesario out to the audience and I almost panic because it landed on my purse but then it bounced off. I thought that would be kind of awkward but everything worked out fine. I am coming back to see the show again.

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