The Rockford Chronicles pt. 1

Bianca sits there in her Algebra 2 class listening to music. Her teacher lets her do this as long as the principle doesn’t catch them. She watches the clock hoping time would move faster.

At lunch time she eats with her friend Angel. They talk about Spike for a brief moment and then Aaron, Angel’s boyfriend.When silence hits them Bianca starts to think about the night before and what Spike had told her. “If I go back there in two years and run into trouble, then you are to be with another person. I don’t want you to but its something that must be done.” Bianca agreed even though she didn’t want to lose Spike. She realizes that there was no loop holes when it came to her and Spike’s future. In fact their relationship wasn’t even suppose to go this far. When she first met Spike she was sort of tampered with. She had just gotten out of an awful relationship with her ex. She was totally taken by surprise when her cousin gave her the news that Spike wanted to go out with her. When they started to go out Bianca’s mind set on him was basic, she didn’t care what he did and didn’t act onto any feelings for him. She was told not to get too close to him but within five months she was there. She had fallen for Spike and she could no longer deny it.She use to have a little fantasy about their life together in the future, but now they no longer come to mind.

The bell rings and Bianca comes back to reality. It was her first day back from winter break lucky for her she still had all her classes. Usually a few kids get pulled out of classes to make up credits that they had failed the previous year. She walked into her chemistry class with an urge to tell her friend Chris about everything that had happen over the break. However to her dismay her teacher has a new seating chart put up on the board. Bianca quickly searched for her name and then the person who was sitting next to her. She wanted to make sure it wasn’t someone she couldn’t stand. She was relieved a bit when she read his name: ANDY ROCKFORD. They had a class together last year but they’ve never actually had a conversation. She’s seen him around school since freshman year and had always categorized him as the mysterious emo. Only because every time she saw him he had the same expression that said “Stay away from me, I hate my life.”

She then searches for Chris’ name to see how far away he is from her. She sees its a whole three rows so she wont be able to talk to him like she planned. She quickly takes her seat and opens her textbook and pretends to be reading it. A few seconds later she looks up to see Andy walk in and find his name. He looks at her for a brief moment and then takes his seat next to her. “Well at least I’m sitting next to a smart person,” he says to her. Bianca laughs to herself thinking the same thing she always thinks when she hears someone say that about her in this subject. “Oh please just because I’m white doesn’t mean I’m a genius. I hate this science.”

A week goes by and Bianca starts to feel lonely in Chemistry.At least now she can really focus on Chem this semester and hopefully ace it. Her only distraction is her cell phone.

Today in Chem the class has to do a lab on alkaline metals. Due to past experience the students can’t choose their own partners so Mr. Norris numbers the students off. Surprisingly Bianca and Andy get paired off. They don’t talk much during the lab but tend to joke here and there. But for now Bianca feels a bit awkward around him. Mostly because she just needs to get to know him in order to carry on conversations.

That Friday Bianca didn’t have anyone to sit with at lunch so she decided to sit with Andy. She walks up to his table and sets her tray down. “I have no where else to sit,” she says as she sits down next to him. She eats her lunch in awkward silence but then Andy says something. “Didn’t I tell you that my mom use to babysit your brother.” This was news to Bianca but something was off. If someone had babysit her older brother then they would have babysit her too along with her other brother. “Really where?” “At this bowling alley she use to work at. But I’ll ask her about it.” “Really whats her name?” “Sherry. She’s on Facebook if you want to look her up.” “Yeah because I use to go to the same bowling alley and I might remember her.”

The next week at lunch Bianca sat next to Andy again. “Yeah I was talking to her last night and she said it wasn’t just your brother she was babysitting. And then she gave me a whole list of names.” “Really names like, Micheal, Bianca, Antonio, Maria, and Patrick?” “Yea she use to babysit all of you. I was up there too but I don’t remember any of it.”
This is just the start of a new friendship. One that tends to send mix signals. To be continued for part 2……

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