The Rockford Chronicles pt.3

It’s the beginning of February and Bianca has no idea what to get Spike for Valentines Day. She’s asked all her guy friends but they didn’t really say much. Bianca also had to buy a present for Spike’s birthday, which is the day before.

She sort of worried about what Spike was going to get her too. He really wasn’t the gift giving type. For Christmas he gave her a red hoodie that was way too big for her and the style was for a boy. Birthday was okay but only because she told him what she wanted. She knew one thing. If he didn’t get her anything then she would be very upset.

Bianca hasn’t been talking to Andy lately. The only time she does is in class and that’s only for a brief moment. She’s been sitting with Myra at lunch still trying to see how long Angel and Aaron will notice the silent treatment she was giving them. Today in personal finance her teacher had the class watch a video of a woman giving birth. “I’m having my psychology students think twice before having that much fun and the same goes for you guys.” Bianca was completely comfortable with watching the video. She wanted to see what it is that she was going to have to go through for her kids someday.

Bianca really enjoyed watching this video only because of her friend Ben. He was getting completely grossed out and had so many questions to ask. When it came to Ben he was absolutely uneducated in the female body. They had health class the previous year and Bianca couldn’t believe how much he didn’t know for his age. This could be due to the fact that the only sister he has was living in Vietnam and he’s never met her before. Bianca was even helping him get grossed out.

Bianca looked up at the screen and finally the entire head popped out. Then the rest of the body. But her calmness went away when the Doctor stuck a long tube up the baby’s nose. A flashback of IRON MAN went through her head. “UHHH Ewww omg Ewwww.” Bianca shouted out loud. Lucky for her the rest of the class was too into their thoughts about the video they didn’t even notice her outburst. Ben just looked at her and then back at the screen.

Bianca tried to get the image out of her head and decided to text Andy. OMG IM WATCHING A WOMAN GIVE BIRTH. She waited a bit for his reply.
Bianca:YEAH I WAS COOL WATCHING IT UNTIL THEY STUCK THIS TUBE UP THE BABY’S NOSE. IT WAS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF IRON MAN. The bell rang it was time for lunch. Only Bianca wasn’t going to lunch. Instead she was going to ROTC to help out with the cleaners. She recieved another message from Andy after she got situated at her station.
Bianca thought quick for a come back. TRUE BUT YOU DO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT KIDNEY STONES, WHICH CAN POSSIBLY KILL YOU. BECAUSE GUYS CAN’T REALLY TAKE PAIN. Bianca waited for Andy’s reply. The bell rang and it was time to leave to go back to class. At the end of the video Andy finally text Bianca back. WOW YOU CAME UP WITH THAT QUICK.. Bianca thought for a second and realized it was basically true. Men can’t take pain like us women do. They don’t bleed for seven days without dying.

The rest of the class period Bianca spent talking to Ben.She was laughing at how he felt towards the video. “I’m never going think of another girls special part the same way again.” The bell rang and the only thing Bianca could think about was Spike. He messaged her that he might be getting off of work early. So there was a possibility they could meet up tonight. She walked through the halls with a positive attitude thinking of nothing but how she was going to spend tonight. She turned down the south hallway after fighting through the crowd of people come out of the cafeteria and into the central stairways.

She saw her destination clear ahead but she was more focused of the sunshine seeping through the windows and went deep into thought.This doesn’t lead her off her trail because she is aware of her surroundings. But she then gets interrupted by some one yanking her arm. Usually when this happens anger gets built up inside of her ready to explode depending on who does it. She quickly turns to see who it is. To her surprised its Andy. He kinda had a smile on his face. “Now what if I put my foot out. Then you would be tripping the rest of the way done the hall.” “What.” “Yeah you would of went all out.” “Please.” They stood there and Andy put his fists up as if inviting Bianca to fight. She did it too. “Like you would really hit me.” Andy shook his head no. They stood in silence for a second then Andy put his arms up as if wanting a hug. Bianca thought why not. She hugs all her friends even if they were guys who aren’t her boyfriend. She put her arms up but the minute she did Andy swung his done and shook his head no. “Oh okay,”Bianca started with a grin. “Alright I see how it is.” she turned to walk away but then Andy quickly swung her back around and pulled her into a hug. Bianca didn’t pay so much attention to what was going on until something popped into her head, while hugging Andy.

Is he starting to like her more than a friend now? They’ve only been talking for a little bit. The thoughts quickly left Bianca’s mind when her and Andy let go of eachother. She briefly looked up at him and turned to walk to Spanish. Hopefully she wasn’t over thinking the situation………TO BE CONTINUED

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