The Rockford Chronicles

I’ve decided to tap into my story telling talent and post a new creation. I actually started on this story two years ago and have decided to not let it go. The story needs a few changes. But let’s see how great of a hit it will be for my readers.

A little background of the story.
Bianca and Spike have been together for over a year and absolutely love each other. She secretly dates him behind her parents back because of their age difference and Bianca knows that her parents would disapprove of her relationship with Spike.

The beginning of a new friendship between Andy and Bianca could cause a drift in Bianca’s relationship to Spike. Now Bianca has always seen Andy around school but she’s not the type to approach some one and talk to them. So she’s kept her distance from Andy. She likes to pick out guys who she thinks is good and interesting Andy has always been one of those but then again she is just too shy to talk to him for no reason.

Bianca and Andy make simple small talk to each other because Bianca doesn’t like to stay on one topic. She wants to find out more about her new friend, but there might be a possibility that she will learn more than expected. Keep reading for what’s to come. The Rockford Chronicles

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