The Rockford Chronicles pt.2

Bianca had just gotten off of Facebook to call Spike. She had been talking to Sherry about the bowling alley. Apparently Bianca and Andy used to play together when they were babies. “Boy am I going to make fun of that.”

The next day at school Bianca approached Andy at his lunch table. She called it his because it was the only one he sat at during lunch and only him and his best friend sat there. “Why hello there boy who I use to play with when we were babies.” “Yeah, I saw you talking to my mom last night on Facebook. I was telling her what to say.” “What do you mean?” “Like she wanted to put on there that she use to change your diapers but I was like ‘No don’t do that’.” Bianca started to giggle. Then she thought about it and agreed that that would of been a weird thing to hear from someone.

In chem Bianca tried to think of something to say but it seemed like the only thing she could think of talking about is his mom babysitting her. As the week went on the topic started to get old. But that didn’t stop her from trying to talk to Andy. Her view of him started to change. He was no longer mysterious boy who hated his life but now she started thinking of him as a skater boy.

A week had gone by and Bianca didn’t really talk much to Andy. But today she thought differently. Actually she really didn’t want to talk to anyone because of the night she had just had with Spike. They were on the verge of breaking up last night. It ended with him not answering her calls and her crying hysterically. This is normal in their relationship. They hardly ever fight, in fact they never fight. There comes the occasional drunk accusations Spike makes of Bianca but only when he’s intoxicated. She really had no where else to go but to sit with Andy. She didn’t want to sit with Angel and Aaron because they had upset her recently. And Myra’s freshmen friends can be a bit weird. (she has more friends but none of them were at this lunch period.) On the plus side Andy didn’t really bother her that much.
They sat in silence until Bianca saw someone across the cafeteria that looked kind of funny. “You know in a way I can read people just by looking at them. Or at least come up with my own ideas about what their life is like,” she said to Andy. “Oh really. Then what is it that you think of me when you look at me?” “Well you’re kind of hard to read because your mysterious. I actually think your a skater dude.” Andy started to laugh, “That is so racist and stereotype.””Well then what are you.” “Well I’m for sure ain’t a skater dude. I got on one of those and it didn’t end pretty. I stood on it and then used my other foot to pickup speed. I thought I was doing good at first but then I started doing this,” Andy stopped and started waving his arms wildly above his head. “Yeah then I tried to stop but fell off.” Bianca started to laugh. She had to admit that was funny. Bianca was surprised that she was laughing after how horrible she had been feeling all day.

Her thoughts soon went back to the night before and her happiness went away. She hadn’t text Spike all day and was waiting for his lunch break. The bell rang and it was off to chemistry class for the both of them. Today they were learning about valence electrons and Lewis structures. She text Spike and the two were talking about the night before. He said he forgives her but if it happens again then they are done.

Bianca started to feel happy. Her and Andy talked a bit towards the end of class she had given him her number for him to text her. But she really had no intention of doing so.

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