Rockford Chronicles pt. 4

“HAHA! Thats so funny.” Bianca was laughing at a joke that Andy told her. They were sitting at their lunch table on Monday afternoon. They’ve been talking quite a bit lately. Even though Bianca thinks Andy secretly likes her. She’s not going to jump to any conclusions about it. A similar situation like this has been done to her before and she didn’t like the outcome.

Bianca tries to talk to him but not enough to sound suspicious. “So what did you do over Spring break?”

“Smoked a bit. What about you?”

“Played mini golf. Hung out with Spike and mostly went over to my aunts.” Andy giggled a bit. The bell rang and it was off to chemistry class. Bianca was looking forward to it until she walked into the classroom. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” There on the wall was Mr. Norris infamous seating chart. She quickly searched for her name. She was sitting next to Kalia which wasn’t so bad. Kalia was cool even though they’ve never really spoken to each other before. But sadly Andy was not sitting anywhere near her.

While the students were taking notes on gravity Kalia and Bianca were having a side conversation. Bianca remembered her other friends telling her that Kalia was certainly a piece of work. Bianca wondered why people would say such things, Kalia seemed fine. Bianca was also texting Andy. Suddenly it hit Bianca, she realized why everyone said the things they said about Kalia. Throughout the rest of the class period Kalia continuously went through Bianca’s bag and pulled anything she could find out. It was utterly annoying and Andy was enjoying every minute of Bianca’s frustration. She never felt so relieved to hear the bell ring. While passing through the halls to her next class Bianca gave Andy the load down of everything that happened.

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