Summer of Love

Recently while surfing Pinterest I came across a link to a website that displayed 77 dating ideas. While reading this list I thought of a few dating ideas myself that you could do right here in St. Louis. Some do have a price so don’t think they are all free.

For starters, during the month of July there are movies playing on Art Hill in Forest Park every Friday. This year the theme is romance and the movies that are being played are Casablanca, Westside Story, the Princess Bride, and Roman Holiday. They may seem old fashion but they are really great movies although I personally have never seen Casablanca. On another note, I just want to add that Art Hill is the most romantic place in Forest Park to make out. I’m just saying. Don’t believe me then go there yourself and check out the view.

This is just one of my many ideas. For tasty treats to eat while on these dates hit up St. Louis finest. That’s right I’m talking about getting a frozen custard at Ted Drewes or Gus’s Pretzels. You can’t beat those tasty treats.

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