Summer of Horror

This summer a new blockbuster is hitting the screens. It’s called “The Conjuring” and tells the story of a demon that terrorizes the children of an American family. It’s said that this demon was after the mother and would torture her the most. I haven’t seen this film yet but standby as I attempt to make a blog post about it by the end of tonight. I plan on going to the movie theater tonight to see it with a friend of mine. I hope to be scared. I remember freshmen year of high school when I went to see A Haunting in Connecticut. Now that movie did scare me but when I watched it a second time, it didn’t effect me because I knew what to expect. I just recently watched The Shining a few weeks ago. That’s right the first epic horror film. Now given everything that I heard about this film, I figured I would become scared out of my skin. Sadly I didn’t and that disappointed me a little. The movie is interesting to figure out the twist behind all of it. Stephen King did write the book so you know there is an enigma beneath the surface. So I hope tonight that this movie will be completely bone chilling.

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