The Conjuring


Last night I got to go to the theater to watch The Conjuring with my friend Juan. We have been discussing the paranormal quite often lately and were excited to see the film. There are several details to be revealed within this blog post about last night.

I will start off by saying I think one of my high school teachers were there. Juan saw her and I text her but got no response. Oh well if it was her then it’s cool to know that she enjoys watching movies of this genre. It wouldn’t be the first time I saw her outside of school.

If any of you don’t know the background of this film then I will give you a brief summary. A family of five girls move into their new home and unexplained events ensue. And if the thought crosses your mind while watching the movie, yes that is the little girl who plays Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. After a very terrifying night, the mother invites this ghost hunting couple to look around the house for any signs of why these events have been occurring. If you’re like me and want to be scared by a film that is suppose to be scary then The Conjuring will be to your satisfactory. Although the guys who sat next to me and the girls behind us were more skiddish than both of us. At certain points during the film I just wanted to shout out “Shut up people.”

A new creepy quote I have retrieved from this film is “look what she made me do.” I have a plan of using this quote to scare Juan when the time is right. That had to be the one scene that caught us off guard the most because when that girl appeared, both me and Juan were jumpy. I got really jumpy when Loraine was in the cellar. CREEPY!

The story behind this movie is quite intriguing. I actually thought the movie would be in a documentary form given the the way the trailer shows the family. I really liked how this movie was not as predictable as some films, like Insidious. Twitter has been blowing up from tweets about the film. One tweet revealed that a guy literally passed out while watching the movie. Some movie theaters have had priest on standby for those who feel the need to be blessed after viewing the film. Some people can just take things to the extremes I guess. Although I myself had the need to tell my mom that I love her when I came home. (those who’ve seen the film knows exactly what I’m talking about.) I have an urge to explore this home but given the information that was given out during the film, I don’t want an evil entity latching itself onto me.


    1. I’m just saying incase I go somewhere or o something that causes a demon to want to latch on. But if the information in the film is true then I have nothing to worry about. I’ve been baptized and I have pentagrams in my room so ain’t no demon touching me.

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