You’ve Got Mail

Today I watched the film You’ve Got Mail for the first time in my life. I remember when I was younger and saw my mother watching it. Of course then I didn’t pay attention to it. I must say this film is actually really good. It kind of makes me miss the way things use to be, although talking to a stranger online is dangerous, but it was just so sweet the way things worked out in this movie.

So I kind of already gave away a little bit of the plot but the movie has been out for like a decade, time to watch it. There are these two people, man and woman, who have been chatting with each other online but have never met and have never stated who they are or what they do. I’m not sure how long they have been chatting but it clearly has been a while. They chat a lot about my favorite subject, BOOKS! They actually live closer to each other than they think.

Dramatic irony is the key detail throughout the film. When the two people meet (not knowing that they are chatting buddies) they initially become enemies but Tom Hanks’ character is opening a book store around the corner from where Meg Ryan’s character’s book store is. At a certain point Tom Hanks unknowingly gives Meg Ryan advice on how to take him out. It doesn’t work out and Meg Ryan has to close down her book store that was once her mother’s. The dramatic irony isn’t what pulls me into this movie; it’s the relationship between the two characters over the internet. I have met someone over the internet who I still talk to now and it bugged me not knowing what he looked like, but this relationship is different than the one I had. They would talk about pretty much anything and Meg Ryan would get so excited to waking up and turning on her computer for those three words, “You’ve got mail.”

In a way I do want something like that but more of a snail mail than an e-mail. I find it said what technology has done to snail mail. I want a pen pal but all of my friends would pretty much just say “If you have something to tell me then give me a call or shoot me a text message.” Does anyone realize how valuable snail mail is? Someone actually taking the time to write out their thoughts that they want you to know on a piece of paper and sending it to you in hopes that you will give them a reply. I use to write letters all the time to my dear friend Betty and past away my freshman year of high school. Her letters are all I have of her now and I wish I has saved all of them because I only have a few including her last one. I sometimes wish we had no phones or internet just so that we would use snail mail again, but we just got to get with the times I guess.

My little argument could be comparable to that of Greg Kinnear’s character in this movie. He is always stating how technology his ruining our lives. Remember this is back when there was dial up internet. Just take a look at the laptops used in this movie and you will realize how old it is. Does anybody even use AOL anymore? That’s a serious question. Greg’s character uses a type writer to prevent himself from using the latest technology. Talk about old fashion. I feel that when you watch this movie, you’ll get a new understanding of communication.

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