As you have read, I recently saw the movie The Conjuring. This film is based on a true story, including the story of the doll that is shown on the movie posters. While I was typing my blog post about the movie, I searched the web for a picture for my blog. I was a little shocked to see a Raggedy Anne doll in a case similar to that in the film. I thought “this has got to be a joke.” I was really hoping that a Raggedy Anne was not the real Annabelle doll. I slept on the possibility.

Today I decided to research just the doll and was rocked by what I found. The real Annabelle doll actually was a Raggedy Anne, which means the story that was presented in the film that deals with the doll is real also. This made me skiddish because I myself have Raggedy Anne dolls in my room. Like seven of them. (Don’t ask) When I read the story behind this doll I realized certain things I would be aware of. I certainly will not have a demon trying to possess me by using my dolls.

Just when I thought that there was nothing in that movie that could freak me out or have me scarred for life. I find myself blaming this discovery on my friend Juan because when I turned to leave I whispered in his ear saying “look what she made me do.” I said that and he was like “Why would you say that. Just watch she is going to come after you so be careful when you sleep tonight. But when she is there just throw something at her, I’m sure she’ll go away.” So when I was in my room that night I text him stating that nothing had happened yet. His response was emphasizing the keyword “yet”. There is suppose to be a sequel of The Conjuring. I wonder what Warren case they’ll cover next.

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