Summer Nights!

This summer has been a blast as it starts to come to a close. It started off on a very high note. I got to go see Shakespeare in the park perform my favorite Shakespeare play. I even experienced watching a movie on Art Hill, although it seemed more like a learning experience. (Note: wear pants and a jacket or bring an extra blanket.) I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and get to know more about some of the ones I didn’t know. I went to Six Flags which is always a must for us here in Saint Louis.

My family moved to a different house this summer and it may be smaller than the one we were living in before but it is just the right size for us. We all have our own space. My room just isn’t finished yet as I figure out a way to have everything fit just right.

Movies that I have seen this summer were Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2 Into the Darkness, The Great Gatsby, and The Conjuring. Who knows, I might just see more before I go back to school but given certain plans, I’m trying to save my money. I still have big plans for this summer before I leave. One of these plans is going on a ghost tour. I really hope this will happen because I’ve never been on one and I wouldn’t mind experiencing how this will go. The one thing that this summer is lacking is a camping trip. A friend of mine mentioned going on one but I haven’t heard anything more of it. I believe that a camping trip with my friends will be fun because I was a venture scout; so I have experience in that field and I want to see how much they have.

A downer of living in the city during the summer is that you are unable to star gaze at night. When my family would go to St. Genevieve I would fall in love with the night sky. The stars looked like spider webs. A view you just can’t get in the city. Below is a music video to a song that I’ve really been vibing to all summer. When I listen to it I picture myself doing that. It’s one of those things you want to do on a date or would hope to be surprised with by your significant other. I will totally be romanced if I went on a date like this and it is something I would want to do on a date. But I guess it’s just too much to ask for.

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