The Rockford Chronicles 5

“Okay we need to plan a form of attack,” Bianca whispered to Khalia during Mr. Norris’ discussion chemical equations. Andy and his buddy DJ have been throwing paper balls at the two of them since class started. Bianca thought the fifth one would start an argument throughout the classroom but everyone seemed to not notice. Bianca knew this was Andy’s way of payback for setting him up with Khalia for a lab. It was a spur of the moment thing. They had to choose their own lab partner and Bianca wanted to be Andy’s but Khalia wanted to be Bianca’s.

A week ago:

Khalia walked forward to Mr. Norris lab station to grab the equipment need for lab. Bianca, not wanting to be her partner, sat at Andy’s lab station. However Khalia walked over and started to argue about who would be whose partner. Andy didn’t seem to care as he often did when it came to Khalia. He too found her rather annoying and often laughed at her. Bianca looked around the room and saw one of her brother’s football buddies alone at a station. She looked back at Andy and Khalia as they both were looking in different directions. This was the only way to settle this and who better to get annoyed by Khalia than Andy. Bianca silently moved away from the lab station and partnered herself up with her brother’s friend.

A few seconds later she turned back around just in time to see Andy’s reaction to the fact that he was now partner’s with Khalia. He was looking through his notebook and turned to say something to Bianca, only to find that she wasn’t there. He looked for her throughout the room and when their eyes met he shot her a look that proved he had become annoyed. He realized what just happened and that he was now partnered with Khalia.

So ever since then Andy has been hinting at a cold shoulder but has made sure Bianca suffers for her sneak attack. He has been paying more attention to DJ now than Bianca. However Bianca has made sure that she grabs his attention. The other day she told Khalia that Andy had the hots for her and vice versa. Of course Khalia did not believe this at all. “I think you like him Bianca.” “I do not! Don’t be silly.” (Could this be a fact or a bluff?)

“Now you understand what we must do right?” asked Bianca. “Yes we wait for them after class and then attack,” answered Khalia while making a fist. “Right now let’s make our ammo.”

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