Tragedy vs. Cliche

As we all know, in every story there is some sort of love interest. Whether it be old friends, true love, or a simple crush. The moment us girls see a male protagonist give a feminine character “the eye”, we tend to hope for the best of them. I myself as a writer have found that in all of my plot points for books tend to involve some form of romance.

The one book of mine that I have been putting the most effort into has one of those romances that goes through so much. I am currently rewriting my masterpiece and preparing for sequels of this book. As I work out the story line through my head I tend to come to a road block. Do I let these two characters’ love prevail or should it just deteriorate?

Think about it. Some of the greatest love stories out there have ended in tragedy. There’s Romeo and Juliet that every American has had to read once in their life or have at least seen the play. Another tragedy that we know of very well is Titanic. Jack and Rose and the major discussion of how there was enough room for both of them to survive. Even though Jack dies we continue to pine over their romance and what could have been. But if these lovers never died then would their story still be as great as it was to leave behind a legacy. I think not. Face it, the only reason why these stories get to us is because we don’t get what we truly want from them and that is a “happy ever after.”

I once found myself to be like this when read a manga called Peach Girl. I wanted nothing but for Togi to be with Momo, but the series ended with Momo moving on to Kiley. The anime just made it worse but when I watched it I realized that it was always Kiley from the beginning. I remember telling my friends that “I hate this show so much but I love it!”

As I plan out the story line of my book I want my characters’ love to prevail but I feel that it would be too predictable for this to happen. Not only that, I would be giving my readers exactly what they want. Would this truly satisfy them? When a story becomes predictable, well it’s lame and that just doesn’t sale.

Give me a piece of your mind

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