Daytime vs. Anytime

This post is a little long over due since it has been months since the return of our Soap Operas have returned to our viewing. I was so relieved when One Life to Live and All My Children returned to the world even if I do have to watch it online. At least this way I don’t have to record them due to scheduling conflicts and then watch them later. I kind of feel like any time is better than day time. If only it could upgrade to airing everyday of the week. That way I won’t have to wait all weekend after a major cliff hanger.

As I have been watching One Life to Live and All My Children on Hulu I have been taking notes of difference between airing online and airing on television. Television has so many more rules than the internet. I mostly find these differences on One Life to Live as Matthew continues to let the dirty words slip. The online network does not shy away from controversial topics like Cassandra’s story since her return. At first I thought the short amount of time that is allowed for the online network was too short but then I realized that it’s the same amount of time that the daytime soaps are allowed. Daytime might have fifteen minutes more but some of that is used for eye contact and dramatic effect. Anytime just gets right to the point of everything.

So far I totally dig the Celia and Pete story line on AMC, it’s actually the only reason I started watching AMC again. Now on OLTL I have several things to say. For starters Matthew needs to grow up and be a father to his son. I love that Todd is back and even more that him and Blair are together once again. John McBain needs to return for the sake of his family and to know that Natalie had nothing to do with the restraining order put against him. I’m so glad he was written out of General Hospital because I was not down for him starting a relationship with Sam. The biggest thing that I enjoy is that JWOWW is on my favorite soap opera. I’m glad to see her doing something other than reality tv. So far she has done a good job and I know she is acting because I don’t think she would ever pass up an opportunity to work out at the gym.

The scale is balanced between both topics but I kinda feel that there is more quality on Daytime tv. The stories just have more values. Sometimes I see Anytime to hide a little behind brand name products. Remember MyFace?

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