The Witch Hunters

handgRecently I watched the movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. I really like the new twist that Hollywood has been adding onto the fairy tales of old. It certainly expands the stories more. I must say I absolutely love this film and how we get to see what is a possibility of what became of Hansel and Gretel after killing the witch.

I enjoyed watching the film and the story behind the fairy tale. Despite the large amount of blood to be spilled and the occasional F bomb; the movie overall was great. Just right for the appropriate age. I also enjoyed the humor even if you do sort of need to look for it. Don’t mess with a troll. The one thing I absolutely enjoy about this film is the bond between Hansel and Gretel. You can’t separate them and if someone were to catch their eye then they would need to get the approval from the other. The bond is shown completely in the scene where Hansel and Gretel find each other in their old home.

As we were watching the film my mom asked all of us questions about what was going on. None of us have seen the movie previously so we had absolutely no idea. Her first questions was “Didn’t the witch shoot fire at her?” and my mom asked this after Hansel and Gretel pushed her into the oven. So my mom was onto something before she knew it. Something that I find interesting is that in this film they state that witchcraft isn’t so much of a practice that you choose to do, but it’s more of something that you are born with. Pretty much they are saying that witches are a different species from humans. I won’t go into details about this and my views on the subject because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perspectives. I do however do not agree with these ladies opinions on the film:

Now I don’t think that these ladies are legit witches. My reason: because a legit witch wouldn’t agree that Charmed is a great perspective on how witches are. I’ve done a lot a research on this matter and if you ask what my view is I will simply say “no comment”. As I’ve stated before everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own perspective on things. I don’t want you to know mine. I will gladly listen to yours but I do not wish to speak of mine. By the way I think these witches missed the detail in the movie  that said only the bad witches are ugly.

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