Rockford Chronicles 6

The bell rang for the end of class and Bianca quickly ran out of class. She positioned herself near the doorway and waited for Andy to walk out of class. The second he did Bianca hurled several paper balls at him and then darted for ROTC. She ran in between anyone she could and even thought about taking the central stairway because of the crowd. Anything to keep Andy from catching up to her.

Bianca didn’t stop until she got to the first floor. She knew Andy wouldn’t catch her. By this point he would have given up and gone to class. Time is of the essence during passing period. Bianca slowly strolled into class and looked at her phone for any text messages. There was one from Andy.

Andy: That was a cheap shot.”

Bianca: Well it serves you right for throwing beans at me during lab.”

Andy: Yeah right at least you knew I was going to throw them at you.”

Bianca: No I didn’t but at least I wasn’t the one that got in trouble. Btw did you get your work done. lol

Andy: Don’t worry I’ll get you back for this

Bianca: Ooh I’m shaking in my seat.

Andy: Good you should be. 😉

“A wink face. What could that mean?” Bianca thought to herself. Bianca didn’t think too hard on the subject and eventually ignored the message. She started to focus during class which taught a really interesting topic: School Rivalry.

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