82 Days Left til Halloween

I so excited this year for Halloween. My family now has a Boo Baby because my niece Parker was born on Halloween last year. (Good thing she wasn’t a boy and they name her Michael) I’m a little jealous because I love the whole theme of Halloween but I was never able to have a Halloween themed birthday party. I always wanted a costume party but of course that gets associated with Halloween. So Parker made the decision to get the best of both worlds. Sadly I will not be able to celebrate with her because I’ll be away at school. I will, however, get pictures.

I look forward to spending Halloween with my friends. If all is planned like it is suppose to be then I might just get to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theater again! This time I am inviting my friend MC to join me and hope that Alexis will go with me again. I always have the best times with her. I’ll dress up but not as one of them.

I haven’t decided completely what I want to dress as for Halloween this year. I was thinking of being a witch but I’m always a witch. If I am going to be a witch I don’t want my costume to be generic, like it usually is, but authentic. Then there is Raggedy Ann which my new friends have not seen me in yet but I don’t want my Raggedy Ann image to turn into my witch image. So I decided that it’s time for something new. I thought about it for a little bit then it hit me. I want to be Sif this year for Halloween. I love Chris Hemsworth and even more when he is Thor so who better to be than Sif, the wife of Thor.

Give me a piece of your mind

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