VMAs- “Molly” Cyrus

thicke-miley-vmasWell… I didn’t watch this years VMA Awards simply because I don’t get that channel in my dorm room. I did, however, see Miley Cyrus’ performance and all I can say is WOW. Before you start thinking it, no I was not impressed by what she did. I was mostly shocked at it. She certainly has shown that she is no longer the little girl she started out to be nor is she the teenager we all remember her as, but she is now a grown up. Maybe not the role model we want her to be as a grown up but she is now officially a grown up in the public eye.

I don’t really like the idea of using my blog to talk about celebrities, politics, or religion because of everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am also some one who would usually defend Miley instead of offending her. However in this particular situation, something needs to be said.

My main little pet peeve about her performances was, “Keep your tongue in your mouth! Quit spitting it out! It’s not that sexy.” Seriously what was she wearing? Then the twerking started and what she did with the foam finger. I looked up photos from her Hannah Montana concerts and I could then see the little girl that she once was.

Now if any of the rumors about her and Liam breaking up are untrue then I now find that hard to believe. If they are still together then I don’t see him being too happy with her twerking against another guy. I definetly don’t think Chris Hemsworth is too thrilled to see his little brother’s fiance twerking against another guy for the whole world to see. If they are in fact still together then Hemsworth boys, I think it’s time for another intervention.

This is definitely a jaw dropping performance that made the VMA history books. Had it been Lady Gaga it would seem perfectly normal but it wasn’t Lady Gaga and it didn’t seem normal. Seriously what was she wearing?! I totally see Miley Cyrus in a whole new light now. Is it a bright light? You decide.

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