Welcome Back

So far this semester is looking good. I have a really cool room mate who I already knew previously, so that means no awkwardness of trying to bond and getting to know a stranger. It just feels good to be back and away from all the trouble in St. Louis. So the first few days of classes were okay but stressful. I was so looking forward to my Short Fiction Writing class. As sat there and listened to what we will be doing for the semester I just continued to be more and more interested in taking this course. I started thinking of all the stories I can come up with for the class and even thought that this class would actually help me to focus on my writing again. When class was over my professor asked to talk to me and that’s when it all went downhill. I was informed that I do not have all of the requirements for this class. My immediate thought was “Then why did you give me an assignment!” Everyone else that I talked with about this all said the same thing, “Why would they put you in a class you aren’t able to take?” So I waited out for a day to have everything squared away. I ended up having to switch two classes. I didn’t mind switching my other class because I didn’t have the book that was needed for it, but when I did switch classes I realized that I now have to buy more books. I don’t have the money right now to be buying all of these books. Stuff like this should have been fixed before I returned. Another thing that came to my attention which also caused me stress (still does) is that I was informed that my FAFSA was not completed like I thought it was. I’m guessing that since it wasn’t completed before that I won’t be given as much financial aid as I probably would be offered had it been completed before the deadline. Just thinking about it right now as I type this is making me want to scream so that I can get it out of my system. Life certainly is not fair.

Give me a piece of your mind

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