Oh my gosh my mind has just been completely blown to no end. OH MY GOSH!!!! Seriously it’s Ezra! This just makes me be in so much disbelief. How could he do this to Aria!? As I was watching the season finale I wanted Aria and Ezra to get back together. When we could see that Aria was kind of having doubts with her new beau and went to the coffee house for the poetry read, it gave me hope. That kiss she gave Ezra was just the cherry on top of it all. I sat there and couldn’t wait to see the end in case there was a scene that furthered this development. Then came Ravenswood. As the liars entered A’s lair thanks to Allie and Emily opened the closet to reveal men’s clothes. For some reason I kept thinking Ezra but I didn’t pay much attention to it but in the back of my mind I kept thinking of Ezra. Even when the woman told them that A was in the town. When finally we saw the profile of Ezra I immediately thought “No this can’t be.” I thought maybe I was seeing things because we didn’t see his whole face…yet. When I finally did see his whole face I went into shock. HOW CAN IT BE HIM! Considering the way he expressed his anger at the realization that his lab was found, just proved that he is in fact A. My eyes went wide. My jaw dropped and I did cover my mouth. WHY WOULD THE WRITERS DO THIS TO US!!! Aria and Ezra was my favorite couple on the show and I had such hope for them but now this! As Sarah would say “IT’S NOT FAIR!” I now have so many questions for Ezra. Did he ever really truly love Aria? Was all the chemistry that we saw between them really fake? Why would he do all of this to her? I feel he did really love her otherwise what was up with all of those scenes with him thinking about her. We all saw the way he looked when she left his apartment after leaving him a thank you note. I’m just so lost for words right now. I’m also very angry, confused, and mind just completely blown! WHY EzrA WHY?


Give me a piece of your mind

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