College Days 2 – The Wedding: The Fitting

So this past weekend I attended my friend Alexis’ wedding. Now when people ask me what college I attend I say, “SBU, Southwest Bridal University.” I tell them this because my school is known for being a ring-by-spring school. People attend not only to achieve a career but also to get married. There is even a gazebo for it. In fact there are two gazebos on campus. One is known as the breakup gazebo and the other is the proposal gazebo. Which is which? Well it all depends on the location. The gazebo next to Randolph Chapel is the proposal because, well it’s next to the chapel of course. The gazebo near Jester is the breakup because it’s just a gesture. Hilarious, I know. So when you come to my school, you’re going to hear a lot of wedding talk and if you’re seen hanging out alone with a guy/girl well then obviously you’re a couple. (I say that sarcastically) So last semester I went home with a wedding craze and wanting to plan my own. I don’t even have a boyfriend! My uncle’s wedding just added to my craze. Now this semester I attend another wedding and I found myself doing wedding talk again. I don’t want to rush my future, I like taking it slow, but if there is one thing I plan on doing in my lifetime, it’s getting married. I don’t know when or to who but it will be to someone who treats me right.
Last week me and the bride went to the dress shop to try on her dress and make sure it fitted right. I had to tie it up in the back and I started to worry because it wasn’t closing all the way. I mentioned something to her and could feel her stress when she looked in the mirror. “I haven’t gained weight since my last fitting.” Oh no, I don’t want to have her break down in front of me, “Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I laced it the wrong way.” So we try again and get the same results. I start stressing out because I don’t want to see a bride have a break down within days of her wedding. So we get a worker in there and have her re-lace the dress but she also can’t get it to close all the way. She finally came up with the solution that the modest piece was stitched in the wrong area and it needed to be moved. I could feel the stress of my friend fill the room and I don’t blame her. If it were me, I would feel the same way. The wedding is only days away.
So once we finally get out of the dressing room, we look around at the dresses. I just so happen to wonder over to the wedding dresses. I looked at them and none of them were a dress that I could see myself walking done the aisle in; at least not the style I want. My friend looked at them with me and pulled one of the rack, “Hey guess where this is from.” I look at it and start shaking my head, “I don’t know. Casper?” She then gives me this look and goes, “Try Twilight.” So then I looked at the dress more closely, “Okay I see it now.” Not one of my best moments but I’m really not a fan of Twilight. As I continue to look at the wedding dresses it finally hits me and I can’t hold it in any longer. I start to playfully sob and say “Why did I come to a ring-by-spring school?!”

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