College Days 3 – Halloween

So this year I kept asking myself, “What am I going to do on Halloween?” I couldn’t remember for the life of me what I did last year for Halloween but then I remembered. I was at a hospital to see my niece who had just been born. I can’t spend time with her on her birthday because I wouldn’t be home for it. So what could I do in a small town for Halloween? Then one day I was sitting at the lunch table with my friends and we got on the subject of bowling. Due to my experience, my friend Alan wanted to see just how much I could beat him. So we made plans to go bowling on Halloween night.

For Halloween I went as Raggedy Ann. I know right, try something new. Well I did but it didn’t turn out the way I want to. I wanted to be the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring but my makeup artist didn’t paint my face the way I expected. But I did look identical to the doll my grandmother gave me for Christmas. I was being really self conscious too because my costume is a little short for the area that I am currently residing in. I did ask a few of my fellow students and they found nothing wrong with it.

So at bowling I didn’t do so well. Like it was awful but there are contributing factors as to why I didn’t bring my A game. For starters it’s wasn’t a serious game so there was no need to concentrate. Another factor is my ball. It is a 12 pound and what I need is a 14 pound. I had one but it cracked for no reason. I completely forgot my 12 pound placing due to the 14 pound placing that I was getting use to. We all have those days where we just don’t get it. My friend Alan kept getting splits so now I dub him “Splitmeister”. It’s not master because he has yet to master the splits. I had a fun night on my part but the guys took those game seriously. They went so far as saying the lane we were on was sexes towards men because they couldn’t get a strike. I will close this blog by stating I did not lose to these boys BECAUSE I’M GIRL! And that my readers is for a different post.

Alan and Raggedy Ann
Alan and Raggedy Ann

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