College Days 4 – The Wedding: The Bachelorette Party

So last Thursday I attended my first bachelorette party. I didn’t even expect going to this thing because when the plans were being made the planners didn’t mention anything to me. So I had made plans to go see a play I had to see for class Thursday night. That way I can see Thor Friday night. When I was at the dress shop with the bride she turned to me and said, “I’m going to pick you up tomorrow and then we’re going to head over and pick up my friend Emily. After that we’re going to Felicia’s.” Oh, okay. So now I am going to the party. This changes all of my plans and Thursday had so many things going on as it is. However I pushed back all those plans and went to the bachelorette party.

We get there and they are making drinks. I get asked what label I want on my cup and I had three options. One of which didn’t fit me at all. I take a seat and my drink is handed to me. I look at it and begin saying to myself, “It’s just a straw. It’s just a straw.” I always had to say this when I took a drink. I was really wondering how this would turn out because it’s a bachelorette party and everyone in attendance for it is under age and can’t do what usually happens at one of these things. On the small coffee table there were several phallus all of them were different and some were just items that were place together to look like one. I chose the one with two baseballs and a bat that said “Slugger.” These were needed for a game we played… well let’s just call it “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

We had to wait for more people to arrive and when they did the games were on. We played, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” first. I was the last person to go and I won. I might have cheated a little as the bride tells me so. See what I did was I felt the creases of the poster and the punctured holes from the other players. Yeah they took the other player’s pieces off to make it fair for everyone instead of them using those pieces to find the target. So yeah, I won that game. I pinned my piece on the target perfectly and then I’m told, “Okay Bridgit now as your prize, you get to keep the poster!” Whaaat! I go to a Bapist school. I can’t hang this in my room. What will my room mate think? If I hang it in my room I could never have guest over because they would feel too uncomfortable in it’s presence. I accepted my prize and took it home with me just so that I could see my room mate’s reaction. After that game we play truth or dare, which was actually more dare than it was truth. I wasn’t really up to playing that only because I wasn’t sure what the dares would be. However it was pretty PG-13 type of stuff. Not a lot happened but we did have a fun time.

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