College Days 5- Room Mate’s Reaction

So after the bachelorette party I go back to my dorm I was surprise to find my room mate had already gone to bed. Lately she has been clocking in at like one and it was only twelve. So I couldn’t show her the poster just yet because I decided to just go to bed. It was late as it is so why not. The next morning I was the first one to wake up. I got ready for class quickly so that I could hang my poster up somewhere. The only place I could hang it was the door. Given who my room mate is I really wanted to be there when she woke up just so that I could see the look on her face when she saw him. I however had class to go to.

Later that day I went to center stage to see my friend Kyle perform. Not just him, I had a couple other friends performing too. I took a seat in a row that was in front of my other friends and started listening to music. Suddenly there is this pink puff standing next to me. I look up and it’s my room mate. I pull my head phones off and she’s talking about something I clearly did not catch. She sat down next to me and started explaining. She needed to take a moment to think and I’m just staring at her and a smile is forming on my face. She started smiling too, “You know what I’m thinking about.” She did not talk about it just yet. She finished explaining to me what it was she initially was talking about. Something about how I have officially entered her friend zone because when she saw me, she called me Ridget.

So she finished that topic and moved on to the next one. “So yeah. About him,” she said with a smile on her face. She started giggling and told me how it was the first thing she saw when she woke up. She then said how she stared at him for awhile before getting ready for class. “I don’t know if I want you to keep it up or not, because I like looking at him but I don’t like how much I like to look at him.” Then I get word that my suit mate, Natalie, who is also my RA walked into our room and saw the poster. I was a little embarrassed by that because it was suppose to be for my room mates eyes only. I did not keep the poster up because that would make it very uncomfortable for any visitors to want to enter our room. I wouldn’t be able to have guys over on our visitation days.

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