College Days 6 – Now You See Me

A new movie that I got to see this semester is Now You See Me. I know it’s been out since May or June but I never took the time to go to the theater and see it. I headed over to my gal pal Alexis’ house to launder my clothing and saw that she had the movie. I don’t know if she owns it or if she was simply borrowing it but we watched it. This is such a good movie. I tend to make predictions of movies after I see their trailers and the one I made about this was not at all what actually happens in the film. I will try my best not to give out any spoilers but you might want to stop reading now. So I thought this movie would be about these magicians that actually had the ability to perform magic somehow and that the girl dies because the cops are after her.

That is not at all how the movie is. It is so much better and not predictable. The twist is something that I did not see coming until it was actually present. It is mind blowing. I do like that the movie shows us how they were able to perform these tricks and it’s astonishing just how much they put into them. The whole time I was watching the film I suspected Morgan Freeman of playing a bigger part. It sucks I can’t say much about this film but it is a movie to watch.


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