College Days 10 – Peter Pan

tumblr_mv1qlyRIlf1s9bvw8o1_1280So I like fairy tales and how they are making movies about them with a twist. I love Once Upon a Time because of what they’re doing. However, season three is truly ruining my childhood. If there was one fantasy or fairy tale that I loved watching when I was a kid, it’s Peter Pan. I loved the stage play with Mary Martin and the one with Cathy Rigby has started to grow on me. I always enjoyed watching the Disney animated version and the classic version my grandmother owned. So when I heard that our characters in Once Upon a Time were going to Neverland, I was excited to start watching the show. My excitement left me when Peter Pan is the bad guy. Really? Peter Pan, a bad guy? He’s just a boy.

So as the season continued on I started to get this weird vibe from Pan. Did you see the way he was talking to Emma before giving her the map to find Henry? So we know there is a reason Henry is on Neverland and why Pan wants him. Something that I want to know is, why is Wendy on the island? She kind of explained it to us on Sunday but that’s just what she knows. I can’t help but think there is another reason why Pan has kept her there. My theory: Yes I’m going to go there and say that Pan has some sort of feeling for Wendy. Why else keep her? Look at Rumbelle. Maybe a way for him to be saved is if Wendy gives him a kiss. Those who get it, feel free to laugh out loud.

As if the show couldn’t taint the image of Pan in my memory enough, the biggest twist yet happens. Peter Pan is Rumpelstiltskin’s father! Whaaat! When I saw that scene, I did something I have never done before. I collapsed on the floor because it was just too much. I mean seriously, Peter Pan is Rumpel’s father. As if the aging of Emma and her parents wasn’t weird enough, now there’s Pan and Rumpel. Let’s not forget Hook who seems to have stopped aging at a certain point in his life. Then there is Baelfire, who should be older than Regina. I just can’t get over Pan being Henry’s great grand father. That Thanksgiving dinner just keeps getting more and more awkward.

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