College Days 7 – The Sha Cousins

So after the bachelorette party me and Alexis headed to a hotel to drop off her friend Emily. The hotel we went to just so happen to be the same hotel that Alexis’ relatives were staying at. They were settling in by the time we got there. I got to meet Shannon, Sean, Shania, and Shane. They are also known as the “Sha” cousins according to Alexis. If you’re reading this out loud then you get it. I remember hearing things about these cousins but none of it was coming to mind at the moment. We didn’t talk to Shannon and Shania for long because they were going to stay at Alexis’ sister’s house. I got to know Shania at the wedding but not Shannon. She mostly kept to herself. Me and Shania had fun at the wedding.

Now Sean and Shane are just boys. I felt annoyed towards Shane but that’s just me and I figured out why. It’s because he’s a little brother and I’ve never had a younger sibling so I didn’t know how to act around him. At first I thought it was that a kid was trying to relate to someone older, but no. Sean seemed like a strapping young fellow. He certainly was a gentleman and has his whole life ahead of him.

I really like this branch of Alexis’ family tree. They were really nice and welcoming. Me and Alexis have decided that some day we will travel to Kentucky and visit them. I want to go mostly because I haven’t traveled much in my life. So I need to see the world. We’re not exactly sure when we will be going. Sky’s the limit.

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