College Days 8 – The Wedding: The Reception

So the ceremony was really short. Like three minutes long short. So we head from the barn to the lodge. The wedding party stayed behind because they needed to take more photos. The guest moved forward and started eating dinner. I liked the choices we had: Fried or Baked chicken. Both were delicious and I had seconds. Now the reception was a little different than what I’m use to at weddings.

Usually the reception goes like this: we eat, bride and groom have their dance, then father/daughter and mother/son, then the bridal party dance, afterwards everyone is free to dance. The reception did not go like this. Instead we all ate but we ate before the bride. Then people were dancing before the bride and groom have their first dance. There was not mother/son dance or a bridal party dance, but there was a father/daughter dance.

I spent most of the reception chatting with this girl Taylor from North Carolina and laughing at her and the bride’s cousin Sean as the two continuously picked on each other during dinner. Although I found Taylor just took it too seriously. There was one time during that I did something that I felt was awesome. I flipped my spoon and it landed directly in front of Sean. I was aiming for his head. I guess it worked out for the better.

I did dance that night. The DJ played two songs: I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis and Amazed by Lonestar and that’s where it started. My dancing partner was quite the gentleman that night. I was a little nervous at first and really shy. I laughed a bit when I looked out and saw a few people video recording us. Me and the bride got a few others to do the Wobble and let me tell yah, that dance floor was slippery. I regretted taking me shoes off because I about slipped on my butt almost every time I turned dancing. We wanted to do the Time Warp but the DJ did not have the right version of the song.

I like the way that the ceremony went. It was different and more original. It can be boring when you see the same thing at practically every wedding. I plan on having a very unique wedding. One that could be comparable to Labyrinth. (hint hint) I don’t plan on walking down the aisle anytime soon. In the meantime I’ll stick to Pintrest.

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